Jul 27, 2016

HEY PARTY PEOPLE. If you havent heard already, let me learn ya something real quick... Mariachi El Bronx & The Bronx are getting NAUTICAL with us aboard The Liberty Belle back to back nights, August 11th and 12th! ONE group, TWO bands, AN UNFORGETABLE experience. 



8.11 Marachi El Bronx Tickets ---->

8.12 The Bronx Tickets ---->

Jul 27, 2016

So we noticed you aren't currently rocking A FLY ASS ROCKS OFF TEE?! Well here, let us fix that... THATS RIGHT, WE GOT OUR OWN ETSY PAGE YALL! you heard us right, our etsy page is now 100% LIVE and POPPING. We could tell that you didnt have enough places to buy our incredibly flossy merch, so we went and added another! So hop off of this website, hope over to that one, and start buying some shit people!! ROCKS OFF OUT. 


Rocks Off Etsy Page Link --->

Apr 03, 2016

We are super stoked to get back on the water with you this year! We've got an amazing season lined up starting with the Cannabis Cup Band, Ship of Fools, Start Making Sense, Badfish, and the Cosplay Cruise. We can't wait to see you on your nautical adventures! For more info, click the links below!

Cannabis Cup Band: [Early] ->   [Late] ->

Ship of Fools:

Start Making Sense:


Cosplay Cruise:

More to come!

Aug 26, 2015

As Summer 2015 comes to a close, we wanted to share a bunch of photos from this BLAZE-A-FIYAH season of rocking, rolling, boozing, cruising, party busing, and general debauchery. We send our love to every band, every manager, every agent, every photographer, and perhaps most of all, every patron who came and rocked the fuck out with us in some way or another.

72 Photo by Scott Harris

73 Photo by Scott Harris

74 Photo by Scott Harris

75 Photo by Scott Harris76 Photo by Scott Harris

78 Photo by Scott Harris77 Photo by Scott Harris

79 80 Photo by Scott Harris


82 Sold out Slackers crowd! 83

84 85 DMB party bus people!

86 Rocks Off Crew getting a Hammond B3 onto the boat

87 Buffalo Bill and Sugar Shane88 Lady Liberty

89 You AIN'T COOL unless you have a rocks off fish tattoo


Jul 27, 2015

We are beyond psyched to have The Machine, world's greatest Pink Floyd tribute band, back in action for their annual concert cruise! It's gonna be cool brews, sweet tunes, and lasers....on a BOAT. Aboard The Circle Line, which departs at Pier 83 - 42nd street and the West Side Highway. Boarding starts at 7:00pm, and the boat departs at 8:00pm. Tickets and even more info right here. See you on board!

Jul 01, 2015

Some of our favorite dudes and one of our favorite cruises of the year - ELECTRIC SIX! It's gonna be a rip roarin' ass shakin' gay bar-in' good time on the river. We've compiled a few E6 videos for your viewing pleasure. It's excellent pre-gaming materical for what promises to be a hell of a night!

Oh YEAH. You can get your tickets here:

May 21, 2015

As Rocks Off enters its FIFTEENTH year of unbridled good times on both land and sea, the 2015 concert cruise season has begun with a BANG! Its been heady, its been heavy, its been balls to the walls insane, and it'll continue to rock sweet balls and do no wrong ALL SUMMER LONG! Just check out these sweet photos:

62 Cannabis Cup Band Reggae All-Stars fans 63 Ain't that America?64 Dusk on the boat65 In-SHANE in the membrane67 Karina overseeing soundman extraordinaire Buffalo Bill on the CCB Reggae 4/20 cruise68 Party People! 69 ...and justice for all71 Pepsi-Cola proudly representing on the East River

...and it ain't even June yet. We've got some great boat shows lined up (with more being added every day), from Start Making Sense: Talking Heads Tribute, New Mastersounds, Mephiskapheles, The Pietasters, Electric Six, The Slackers, The Machine: A Tribute to Pink Floyd, and much more. We hope you're ready to get your Rocks Off with us this summer.

Sep 24, 2014

Hey party people - we only have a few cruises left this season so make sure you take the opportunity to hop on a boat one last time this year! Cuz really, what is better than watching the sunset on a boat with a cold one in your hand and an awesome band rockin' just a few feet away.


This Friday we have Big Head Todd and The Monsters doing a very special, intimate show aboard The Jewel. Tickets and more information are available here -


And finally, on Friday, October 17th our friends in SCHISM: A tribute to Tool are teaming up with Battle of Los Angeles: Rage Against The Machine Tribute to blow the roof off of the Jewel for the 7th year in a row. It's sure to be an awesome night on the water, come close out the season with a proper BOOZE cruise. Tickets and more info here -


And always remember


Jan 24, 2014

In February 1979, Manhattan was a different place. Don't even get us started on Brooklyn.  New York City was cold, and  it was dangerous. It was a time of colorful gangs, graffiti covered trains, and broken truces.  It was a time, of… The Warriors.

New York City has cleaned up a lot since then, but to be honest, we kind of miss  the sense of style and danger exemplified by Turnbull AC's, The Orphans, The Warriors, The Lizzies, The Punks, and The Gramercy Riffs.

35 years after it's debut screening, Celebrate the 35th Anniversary of theis groundbreaking film that has captivated multiple generations with it's street smart characters and violent action, in the city where it was all created! Eat, Drink, and get rowdy at (Le) Poisson Rouge - a multi-media art cabaret that offers impeccable acoustics, so those bottles clanking are guaranteed to give you chills!

We'll have DJ Small Change spinning the tunes from the epic film soundtrack before and after the movie and giving away Warriors Movie Soundtracks courtesy of LaLa Land records.

We'll also be giving out prizes and random free drinks to those who represent the best dressed members of the gangs from the film!

Plus: Q+A with Apache Ramos from The Orphans and other stars of the film!

Hosted By NYC Punk Rock Icon John Joseph

New York City- Come Out To Play-Yay!!!!!


Sep 13, 2013

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, children of all ages, ROCKS OFF is proud to bring to you you THE FIRST EVER PRO WRESTLING FILM FESTIVAL! 


Blood! Guts! Triumph! Heartbreak! Revenge! - These are all the cornerstones of professional wrestling, which remains the world's most unique sport. Populated with unique characters portrayed by even louder personalities and events behind the scenes that are often far more bizarre than what's been scripted for its devoted audience, pro wrestling is one hell of an ever-evolving, always changing, 
most excellent subculture.

Hot off its successful Rock N' Roll Film Festival this summer, Rocks Off, NYC's sweetest concert promoter, is proud to announce that it will explore, exploit and spotlight the world of professional wrestling with the Rocks Off Pro Wrestling Film Festival. The first festival of its type in the world, The Rocks Off Pro Wrestling Film Festival will take place from Thursday November 21st through Saturday November 23rd, 2013 in New York City at the historic Kraine Theater.

Much like rock n' roll, pro wrestling is a unique beast that cannot be tamed - loud, arrogant, in your face, and awe-inspiring in its athletics and its theatrics. Steeped with unique history and personalities, it's a slice of Americana that cannot be explained, it can only be explored and loved – and Rocks Off intends to do just that - celebrate professional wrestling in all its two-fisted, off the top rope, kill or be killed, bad-ass glory!

The Rocks Off Film Festival is the brainchild of Rocks Off guru Jake Szufnarowski and's Mike Johnson, one of the top writers on the pro wrestling genre. "We are looking to showcase original, unique content that explores and celebrates all aspects of professional wrestling,” said Johnson, who is helping to curate the Festival.

"Pro Wrestling can be dramatic, fun, campy, serious, shocking and more - sometimes at once - and we intend for the festival to bring out those same types of emotions for the audience. We are looking to cultivate a fun, eclectic, unique atmosphere - like a great pro wrestling card would," added Johnson.

All of the festivities will be hosted by the voice of Juggalo Championship Wrestling, native New Yorker KG Kevin Gill. Gill, a featured voice actor in the new Saints Row IV video-game alongside WWE greats Roddy Piper and Rob Van Dam, will be involved in all aspects of the festival, including hosting special post-screening Q&As.

The triple threat of Szufnarowski, Johnson and Gill are teaming as curators of the festival. If you are a director or producer looking to solicit your film for inclusion in the Rocks Off Pro Wrestling Film Festival, email . Limited slots are still available but we are seeking complete films, documentaries, short films, animated films and more!

Film Festival programming will begin to be announced this Monday 9/16, but we can announce our opening night festivities will include a special reception, a collection of unique short films on professional wrestling and a special night of comedy starring Colt Cabana and friends, live in 3-D!
Complete programming and ticketing information to follow