Can I order advance tickets over the phone and / or in person?
Yes, for phone orders give the friendly people over at Ticketweb a ring. Their number is 866-468-7619. To buy tickets in person, tix for all of our cruises are available at the Highline Ballroom Box Office, seven days a week. The Highline Ballroom is located at 431 West 16th St. in Manhattan (between 9th & 10th Ave). They don't believe in days off over there.  and they also charge $2 per ticket service fee. Definitely DO NOT go to Pier 83 or Circle Line to try and buy tickets in advance. They won't be able to help you and will likely tell you they don't know what you are talking about. We just rent space to dock the boat with them. We are not affiliated and that is why they can't help with tickets.

When do phone and online ticket sales end before the event?
Usually at 3pm on the day of the event. If you missed the boat on advance tickets (if there are tickets available) you can pay with cold, hard cash at the docks. Unless it's sold out, of course.

Where do I pick up "will call" tickets?
You'll get checked in right at the dock before boarding the cruise. Make sure you have your ID and confirmation ready and please arrive with your entire party to ensure smooth sailing!  If you have any idea why ticketing companies came up with the term "will call" and have yet to devise something better such as "pick up window" please let us know!

Some people are hesitant to catch a show on a boat because once they are on the boat they think there's no way off until the boat docks at the end of the night.  True?
Thankfully we thought of that!!  We have dingys that depart the main boat every half-hour and take you on a scenic tour of the Gowanus Canal before dropping you off in "Do Or Die" Bed-Stuy. Then you find your own way home from there.  Or you can just stay on the boat. All of our boats are multi level - so if you want to get away from the band you can.  And all the boats have outdoor decks to soak in the sun and get unobstructed views of the most beautiful city and skyline in the world.

Is there a best ship?

They each have their charms. The Half Moon holds 200 - it's the smallest and rowdiest of our boats. The Jewel, which holds 300, is a little classier. The Paddlewheel Queen is more of a New Orleans Riverboat kind of thing. The Temptress is our biggest and classiest. it also has the most places to get lost and hook up discretely.  We also do some DJ and Mets cruises on the 149 capacity Lucille.  We like to think of it as a floating version of a night club you would find in the Dominican Republic. Mirrored ceilings. Tacky carpet pattern and poles that aren't necessarily meant for strippers, but certainly seem to work quite well.

What happens if it's raining or there is supposed to be a big storm?
In 10 years we have not had to cancel one cruise. It's not like we're on the high seas people. We're talking rivers here. In the event of a cancellation, however, we'll make sure to notify all advance ticket buyers and always check the website for the most up to date information.

Are there any group rates?

As we like to say with life, with love and with parties, the MORE THE MERRIER! If you have a group interested in coming on one of our cruises, please get in touch with Sancho and he'll make you happy. We promise. He loves happy endings!

Is there a bar on the boat?
Does the pope shit in his hat? We have cash bars on board and there is an ATM on the boat.

Is there parking available near the boat?
WEST SIDE (Temptress, Cabana) - There is limited parking on the pier ($20-$35). It's pricey, but the convenience is worth it if you have the loot. There is also street parking nearby with many streets allowing parking after 7pm. EAST SIDE (Half Moon, Jewel, Lucille and PaddleWheel Queen) - There is a parking garage beside the Skyport Marina ($12- $20). There is also a good amount of street parking on 23rd St (after 6pm) and surrounding streets.

Can I bring my children on board a Rocks Off Cruise?
Extensive studies have shown that most children are not over the age of 21. We are sure that your children are awesome but our cruises aren't really the best place for minors, no matter how rock and roll they are. Our boats are 21 & up - NO EXCEPTIONS! That said, our cruises are a great place to celebrate one's 21st birthday!

Can I bring my own food and beverages on board with me?
No outside beverages are permitted. Outside food is permitted if it's something small and relatively odorless. Please clean up after yourself.

I bought a ticket in advance but I am unable to make the cruise. Is my ticket refunadable?
All ticket sales are final. No refunds or exchanges are permitted. Post on Craigslist or hook up a friend so that they will owe you a favor later on down the road.

Can I bring a camera and photograph the show?
You SHOULD bring a camera. The views of the New York skyline you'll get on the cruise are so stunning that even the most jaded New Yorkers are impressed. Please tag any Instagram photos with #rocksoffnyc and you could win a free beer! However, not all artists grant permission to photograph/videotape their performances, so we cannot guarantee that you will be allowed to photograph the show itself. (But Lady Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge are way better looking than most of these sweaty musicians anyway). You Instagram types can find us here.

Is the boat handicap accessible?
It is accessible in a limited capacity. The staff will always try their best to help you to meet your needs. We've had many handicapped clients on board who have returned time and time again. The Temptress is ramped to the stage, but the Half Moon has a staircase. Please contact Sancho with any questions or to let us know if you will be coming and need special assistance.

I'm concerned about the smoking law in NYC. Can I smoke on board?
Absolutely, but on the outdoor decks only. Cigars and cloves are not encouraged though, the resulting fumes tend to confuse people.

What hotels can I stay at in the area?
For the Temptress, the closest are The Travel Inn on 42nd between 10th and 11th or The Skyline Hotel at 725 10th Ave. Both have parking. For the Half Moon or anything else, your best bet is Priceline.

Are you Sancho?

Not always.

I have more questions - how can I get additional information?
Visit the Contact page or call us at (917) 524-8666.